WTKollen User Testing Tool


The WTKollen User Testing Tool (UTT) is a bookmarklet designed for web accessibility evaluation. With this tool, you can evaluate some of the accessibility barriers that cannot be measured automatically.

This version covers some tests that cannot easily be implemented for automatic checking. The tests are designed to evaluate images, page titles and the headings structure of a web page. Please note that this version is still a prototype offering a few examples of possible tests. We are still optimizing the accessibility of the bookmarklet so stay tuned for more information.

The UTT is part of the WTKollen project and build on results from the European Internet Inclusion Initiative project.


You don't actually "install" a bookmarklet. You simply add it to your bookmarks. Drag and drop the following image to your bookmark toolbar: User Testing Tool

If your bookmark toolbar doesn’t show on Chrome or Internet Explorer use the Ctrl+Shift+B keyboard shortcut (Command+Shift+B for Mac users) to display the bar. For Firefox or Internet Explorer, you can also right-click and save it as a bookmark.

How to start

After you dragged the bookmarklet link to your bookmark toolbar, you are ready to start. Open a new web page and click on the bookmarklet link. The tool appears at the top right of the browser. Start one of the tests by pressing the 'Check' button.

How it works

The bookmarklet looks at the accessibility of the webpage in your browser. It does so by looking behind the page into the code. If you press the check button, the bookmarklet starts checking the page and shows you the results. In this version we have not included automated tests, so it is up to you to decide if the webpage is conformant with the guidelines or not. We have included a short explanation for each check.

By completing these tests the UTT collects web accessibility data about accessibility that cannot be found by an automated tool.

Access to the evaluation data

Currently the only way you can see your data is in the user interface of the bookmarklet. We will shortly prepare a way to present combined results from automated testing with those from this user testing.





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